Issue with running a script via ssh

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Issue with running a script via ssh
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Issue with running a script via ssh

Hi, I'm trying to run a user defined shell script with options and arguments via ssh but getting error as
ksh: not found

Here is what i'm running:
ssh -t username@server 'cd /path/to/script; -t start

here '-t' with, is an user defined option and 'start' is also user defined argument. I'm running this script from Linux (2.6.18-419.el5) and doing ssh to HP-UX B.11.23. Other commands like 'top', 'ls', 'pwd' are working with ssh, but the user defined script with option and argument are returning 'not found' error. Appreciate any help.
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Hi, try:
ssh -t username@server 'cd /path/to/script; ./ -t start'

/path/to/script is not in the PATH variable.
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Thank you for the reply. Tried with

before the script name and ran the ssh command. But getting new error.
ScriptName: Error: Cannot write in PID directory: /path

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That seems to be a permission error, just guessing. Please post more context.

And, watch your case syntax: ksh: not found by no means can complain about -t start - and mean two different things.
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