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Old 01-25-2019
Grep only words containing specific string

I have two files. All urls are space seperated.

http://11.22.33 http://canada.xx.yy 
http://33.44.55 http://russia.xx.zz http://1w.2e.3r.4t


Expected output

What I tried:

while read -r line
grep -Po '$line\K[^ ]+' source
done <readfile > output
exit 0

For this case, could you please let me know how I may get any word containing given string in each line?

Thank you
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Old 01-25-2019
grep -of <(sed 's/.*/\\S*&\\S*/' readfile) source

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Old 01-25-2019
How about - given your system / shell (which you fail to mention) provides "process substitution" -

grep -of <(sed 's/^/[^ ]*/; s/$/[^ ]*/' file2) file1

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Old 01-25-2019
Your own approach wasn't too far off. Be aware that single quotes prevent the shell from expanding variables, and that you'd need to extend the regex by adding provision for a prefix (like "http://").

while read -r line; do grep -Eo "[^ ]*$line[^ ]+" file1; done <file2

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Old 01-25-2019
Thank You nezabudka and RudiC.
Both work as expected.

Kind regards
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