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Old 12-04-2018
Replace String matching wildcard pattern


I know how to replace a string with another in a file.

But, i wish to replace the below string pattern

EncryptedPassword="{gafgfa}]\asffafsf312a" i.e EncryptedPassword="<any random string>"



i.e remove the random password to a empty string.

Can you please let me know how can I achieve this ?

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Old 12-04-2018
This is a job for sed Smilie

sed -e 's/EncryptedPassword="[^"]*"/EncryptedPassword=""/'

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Old 12-04-2018
works !! thank you
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Old 12-04-2018
Or with a back-reference; for example if you allow spaces around the = it will keep them.
sed 's/\(EncryptedPassword *= *\)"[^"]*"/\1""/'

In contrast to .* the [^"]* does a minimum match; important in case more "strings" follow it.
perl -pe is quite similar to sed (and even to awk); a minimum match can be elegantly done by a ? after a "greedy" *:
perl -pe 's/(EncryptedPassword *= *)".*?"/$1""/'

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