File manipulation

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File manipulation

I am looking for the shortest / easiest solution to use either SED or AWK to swap two lines in a file, always swapping line 40 with line 41 in a given file. I have not tried anything yet, not sure what I would need to do
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A simple way (probably a simpler one) to swap two lines in sed would be:
sed "40h;41G;40d" file

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awk 'NR==40 {l=$0; next}; 1 ; NR==41 {print l}' infile

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Or in line 40, add the following line to the input buffer, and swap the two lines.
With sed:
sed '
' file

sed -i ... writes back to the file (if your sed supports it).
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Probably a barmy way with vi:-
printf ":40\nddp:wq\n" | vi filename

How I used to struggle before discovering sed...... Smilie

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