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How to control grep output intact for each matching line?

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Old 4 Weeks Ago
How to control grep output intact for each matching line?

I have multiple (~80) files (some can be as big as 30GB of >1 billion of lines!) to grep on a pattern, and piped the match to a single file. I have a 96-core machine so that each grep job was sent to the background to speed up the search:
chr1A_part1    123241847    123241848
chr1A_part1    123241848    123241849
chr1A_part1    123241849    123241850
chr1A_part1    123241850    123241851

The input files have uniformly 3 fields each row, so should the output file,
for file in $(cat files.list); do 
grep -F chr1A ${file} >> subset_chr1A.tab &

but I found some of the matching lines are broken and the output file became a mess!
chr1A_part1    123241847    123241848
chr1A_part1    123241848    123241849
chr1A_part1    1232
41849    123241850
chr1A_part1    12
chr1A_part1    123441848    123441849

It seems to me the problem is from the writing of the pipe, as 80 grep jobs for 80 files are writing to the same output file. By default grep prints matching lines so that I assume each row should be printed as a whole, but it did not in my case.

What is wrong here?

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Old 4 Weeks Ago
Buffering will make a mess of this, bundling arbitrary blocks into one write. These arbitrary blocks don't care much where lines begin and end. Long enough lines could conceivably take more than one write!

If you have GNU awk, --line-buffered may help, but will have a big performance cost.

You could also send the output to separate files and cat them together later.
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yifangt (4 Weeks Ago)
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Old 4 Weeks Ago
I will do with the second suggestion. Thanks!
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Old 4 Weeks Ago
Why not forgo the loop?

grep -F chr1A file*.tab > subset_chr1A.tab

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Old 4 Weeks Ago
True, the limit is likely to be disk, not CPU.
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Old 4 Weeks Ago
Thanks Rudic!
Before I try your method, does this grep -F chr1A file*.tab swallow all the 80 files (~2400GB!) in memory first?
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Old 4 Weeks Ago
I don't think it consumes too much memory - it read the files line by line, greps each, and drops, or outputs, it.
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