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Old 06-05-2006
Question Doubt on Executing unix commands in script

How can I execute the unix command "cd - Change directory" command, so that my command prompt should be reflected for that change.

Example : Now you are in your home directory i.e /home/naresh and you have some sub directory called unixinfo in your home directory. i want to write a script,so that if i execute that script my commnad prompt should go to that subdirectory.

I called cd /home/naresh/unixinfo command in script. But my command prompt is not changed. Can somebody please help me

I can use the alias command for this. But i am doing some mini project for that
i will pass argument(dir name) to my script will take the complete path from one
text i maintain and trying to change the directory to that path.
Can somebody suggest any alternative

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Old 06-05-2006

why do you need that. You can set up aliases if you had to type long directory listings.
alias name='cd /some/long/dir/name/to/where/you/want'

in your .profile file and use it.
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Old 06-05-2006
If you want to see which directory you cd'd to in your command prompt, add the following to your .profile (or in /etc/profile for everyone) :

PS1='$PWD" # "'

So if you are in your home directory, you'll see:

/home/naresh #

and you cd to unixinfo, your prompt will change to:

/home/naresh/unixinfo #

Note: this command form works in ksh (my shell of preference for over a decade) . If you are using another shell, the syntax may be different or not work.
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