Adding an extra date column in UNIX file

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Old 09-30-2018
Adding an extra date column in UNIX file

Hi All,

I have a file with only one column of data (without delimiter). For Ex:

cat temp.txt

I want to insert an additional column with current date as value. So, i have used below command but didn't get the result as excepted. Could onyone over here please help me in writing the current script command. Also i need to get rid of "space" after the comma delimiter.

awk -vd=`date +%Y%m%d` -F"," -OFS="," '{$2=d; print $1,$2}' temp.txt
22055, 20180928
21088, 20180928
93840, 20180928
30990, 20180928
50990, 20180928
50950, 20180928

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Old 09-30-2018
What is wrong with the result ("didn't get the result as expected)?

$ sed "s/$/,$(date '+%Y%m%d')/" file

Add the -i option to sed, if it's supported in your version, to write the changes directly to the file if the result is as expected.
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Old 09-30-2018
The result you present is not quite reproducible. -OFS="," causes an error, but when corrected like -vOFS="," , it should yield the desired output without space. You could even simplify your code snippet like
awk -vd=`date +%Y%m%d` -F"," -vOFS="," '{print $1, d}'  file

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Old 10-01-2018
Thanks both of you for your response and showing the error in the command which I return.

1. I clarified with sed command.
2. For the output with AWK command what is the difference between OFS and vOFS (should we need to use when we pass a variable to the awk script)?

Could you please let me know.

Thanks & regards,
Suresh G
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Old 10-01-2018
-v declares a variable to use inside awk. You could also put that at the end, without -v. e.g.
awk -vd=`date +%Y%m%d` -F"," '{print $1, d}' OFS="," file

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Old 10-01-2018
For 2.: Your phrasing doesn't target the right question. We're dealing with two things:

a) the -v option to awk, which you correctly deploy for the passing of the d variable. man awk:
-v var=value assigns value to program variable var.

b) the redefinition of the OFS variable. This can be done in many ways, amongst which

  • -vOFS="<chars?>" in front of the script.
  • OFS="<chars?>" trailing the script
  • BEGIN {OFS="<chars?>"...} (or any other place) within the script
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