sed not working properly with slash /

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sed not working properly with slash /

my testfile is

aspsun1:usasp000$cat testfile
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my problem statement is to replace the line with put command with 2 different lines a cd command and then put line.
HTML Code:
HTML Code:

for this i have used 4 variables
$echo $line
$TO_DIR=`echo $line |awk -f" " '{print $2}' |awk -F"/" '{$NF=""; print $0}'|sed 's/ /\//g' `
FILE_NAME=`echo $line |awk -f" " '{print $2}' |awk -F"/" '{print $NF}' `
REM_PART=`echo $line |awk -f" " '{$1="";print $0}'|awk -f" " '{$1="";print $0}'`
$echo $TO_DIR
$echo $FILE_NAME
$echo $REM_PART

but whenever i execute my command it just do not work, may be because of the '/' sign.
$sed 's/$line/cd $TO_DIR put $FILE_NAME $REM_PART/' testfile
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Please help !!
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without going into details of your script which has a number of issues.....
sed "s#$line#cd $TO_DIR put $FILE_NAME $REM_PART#" testfile

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You can do this with bash builtins:
# read a line into words[0...n]
while read -a words
  if [ "${words[0]}" = "put" ]
    # split $wrd on the rightmost "/"
    # if there were no "/" then $dir==$wrd and $wrd==$file
    if [ "$dir" != "$wrd" ]
      echo "cd $dir"
  echo "${words[@]}"

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