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Old 09-21-2018
Run command if no mouse or keyboard input

I would like a script that would run pm-suspend if there has been no keyboard or mouse input for a specified time.

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Never mind. I found a setting in power management that does what I need.
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XtSetKeyboardFocus()													      XtSetKeyboardFocus()

  XtSetKeyboardFocus - redirect keyboard input to a widget.

  void XtSetKeyboardFocus(subtree descendant)
	 Widget subtree, descendant;

  subtree   Specifies  the  widget to be considered the root of the subtree for which the keyboard focus is to be set.	Must be of class Core
	    or any subclass thereof.

	    Specifies a normal (non-popup) descendant of subtree to which keyboard events are to be redirected, or None.   May	be  of	class
	    Object or any subclass thereof.

  XtSetKeyboardFocus() causes XtDispatchEvent() to remap keyboard events that occur within the widget hierarchy rooted at subtree and to dis-
  patch them to descendant.  If descendant is not a subclass of Core, it is replaced by its closest  windowed  ancestor.   If  descendant  is
  None, keyboard events within subtree will be dispatched normally.

  When subtree or one of its descendants acquires the X keyboard focus, or the pointer moves into the subtree such that keyboard events would
  now be delivered to subtree, a FocusIn event is generated for descendant if FocusChange events have been  selected  by  descendant.	Simi-
  larly, when subtree loses the X keyboard focus or the keyboard focus for one of its ancestors, a FocusOut event is generated for descendant
  if FocusChange events have been selected by descendant.

  For more details on how events are dispatched after a call to XtSetKeyboardFocus(), see XtDispatchEvent().

  XtSetKeyboardFocus() does not call the Xlib function XSetInputFocus(); it simply causes the Intrinsics to dispatch events differently.  For
  most applications, this approach is preferred over the more heavy-handed Xlib function.

  If  a  dialog  box  contains a Label widget, some Button widgets, and a single Text widget for input, it is good style to allow the user to
  enter text into the dialog when the mouse is anywhere over the dialog, not only when the mouse is over the Text widget itself.  This can be
  arranged with code like the following:

     Widget shell, box, text, prompt, ok_button, cancel_button;

     XtPopup(shell, XtGrabExclusive);
     XtSetKeyboardFocus(box, text);

  After  this  call  to  XtSetKeyboardFocus(), whenever the dialog box gets the X input focus (for example, when the mouse moves into it) all
  keyboard events will be redirected at the text widget.

See Also
  XtAddGrab(1), XtDispatchEvent(1).

Xt - Keyboard Handling													      XtSetKeyboardFocus()

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