Substitute grep command at run time

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I didn't get what you suggested..
alias PATTERN="${3:-grep whatever you want here}"


COUNT=$(PATTERN|egrep "${start_tim}|${end_tim}" | awk ... etc etc ...)

While I need
COUNT=$(cat ${METRICS_FILE} | ${PATTERN} |egrep "${start_tim}|${end_tim}" |awk -F"Count=" '{print $2}'|cut -d',' -f1 |perl -lne '$sum += $_ } { print $sum')

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Once more:

- Since interpolation of the variable does not work, as I explained, I suggested that you model your "pattern" not by a variable named PATTERN, but by an alias named PATTERN.

- Also note that in my proposal, I suggested to drop the unnecessary cat command and replaced the depecated backquotes for process substitution, which you had used, by $(....). These changes don't affect the functionality, though.
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