Minute(4) issue in teradata

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Minute(4) issue in teradata

I have values below for which diff field is giving error like
"invalid time interval" in teradata

Might be it is not doing calculation anymore after exceeding minute(4) value

END_TS 2/2/2018 08:50:49.000000
START_TS 1/5/2018 17:30:02.000000
SLA_TIME 23:59:59.000000

select (cast((cast(JRDC.END_TS as timestamp) -Cast(CAST( cast(JRDC.START_TS as DATE FORMAT 'YY/MM/DD') AS  TIMESTAMP(0)) + 
(SLA_TIME - TIME '00:00:00.000000' HOUR TO SECOND) as timestamp) minute(4)) +  CAST(1 AS interval minute) as decimal )) -1 as DIFF
from base_tbl.xyz

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