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Uncompress several tar.gz files inside several folders

loop shell bash while, sheel script, tar.gz

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Please use code tags as required by rules.
Other then that, you still haven't provided your shell and operating system version.

Nobody expects you to write a 1000 names in a script.
That is why we have computers

But you can probably match them with a regular expression.

We cannot help you form one, if you do not provide representative example of the directory list.

Output in french language also obfuscates things a bit.


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Without fully understanding what going on here, the first thing to do would be drop the double quotes around $liste_rep in the first for loop, and replace $liste_rep with $rep in the second. Try that and report back.
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---------- Post updated at 06:40 PM ---------- Previous update was at 06:35 PM ----------

Finally I found out the solution, Thank you Rudic

#!/bin/bash liste_rep=folder/* 
    echo "LISTE REP :" $liste_rep 
    for rep in $liste_rep 
##$liste_rep without "" double quotes
              echo "AFFICHE REP :"$rep 
              for fichier in $rep/*.tar.gz 
### use $rep instead of $liste_rep > varibale $liste_rep just list all folders  
### $rep shows folder/001 ... 003 
                   echo "FICHIER :" $fichier 
### $fichier shows complete path to tar.gz files in each sub-folder 
                   tar -zxvf $fichier --directory $rep/ 
### -- directory uncompress inside -> $rep = folder/001 with '/' so folder/001/...003/ 

Moderator's Comments:
Uncompress several tar.gz files inside several folders Please use CODE tags as required by forum rules!

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