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Using awk to add length of matching characters between field in file

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Using awk to add length of matching characters between field in file
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Old 06-21-2018
Using awk to add length of matching characters between field in file

The awk below produces the current output, which will add +1 to $3. However, I am trying to add the length of the matching characters between $5 and $6 to $3. I have tried using sub as a variable to store the length but am not able to do so correctly. I added comments to each line and the description has the rules for each line and the math is zero-based. Thank you Smilie.

since line 1 has 4 matching characters  between $5 and $6 (GAAA), 4 is added to $3
since line 1 has 5 matching characters between $5 and $6 (GAAAA), 5 is added to $3

file tab-delimited
id1	1	116268178		GAAA	GAAAA
id2	1	116268200		GAAAA	GAAAAA

current output tab-delimeted
id1	1	116268179	116268179	GAAA	GAAAA
id2	1	116268201	116268201	GAAAA	GAAAAA

desired output tab-delimeted
id1	1	116268181	116268181	GAAA	GAAAA
id2	1	116268204	116268204	GAAAA	GAAAAA

awk 'BEGIN{FS=OFS="\t"}  # define fs and output
         FNR==NR{ # process each field in each line of file
           if(length($5) < length($6)) {  # condition 2
               sub($5,"",$6) && sub($6,"",$5)       # removing matching
               print $1,$2,$3+1,$3+1,"-",$6  # print desired output
}' file > output

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Old 06-21-2018
       match(s, r)
              the  position  in s where the regular expression r occurs, or 0 if it does not.  The variables RSTART and RLENGTH are set
              to the position and length of the matched string.

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Old 06-21-2018
Hello cmccabe,

Could you please try following and let me know if this helps you.

awk 'BEGIN{FS=OFS="\t"} match($NF,$(NF-1)){$3+=RLENGTH-1;$3=$3 OFS $3} 1'  Input_file

R. Singh
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Old 06-22-2018
116268178 + 4 needs to be 116268182 ?
Having doubt on requirement?

/bin/awk 'BEGIN {
	match($NF,$(NF-1)) {
} 1' ./Input_file

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Old 07-02-2018
Thank you all Smilie.

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