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awk code to inspect variable before printing

shell scripts

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Old 05-19-2018
Originally Posted by RudiC
As the sample doesn't contain the "WrongValue" string, you don't seem to want that condition tested.

Would this come close to what you need?
printf '%s\n' "${RawContent}" |
awk '
/##  Beginning Stages  ##/,
/## Ending Stages ##/   {if (!/^#.*\!|DefaultError/)    {TMP = TMP DL $0
                                                         DL = ORS
                         if (/## Ending Stages ##/)     {if (TMP !~ /WrongValue/) print TMP
                                                         DL = TMP = ""

How is the "RawContent" variable populated? If by reading a file, it might be more efficient to work on that file immediately circumventing the variable assignment.
Thank you for your patience with me.

1. The "RawContent" variable is populated as an output from another program. It is not a file.
2. My mistake. I forgot to include the WrongValue in the content. But, the thing is, sometimes the RawContent variable will contain it. Other times, it wont.

Thanks again!
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Old 05-19-2018
Why not pipe that other program's output into the awk script immediately? If, on top, you need it for other, different purposes, use the tee command to create an temp file.
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