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Trying to use awk to check values and multiple

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Old Unix and Linux 4 Weeks Ago   -   Original Discussion by ziggy6
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That worked perfect rdrtx1. Can you tell me what to add to that so I can write the output to a file?
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Old Unix and Linux 4 Weeks Ago   -   Original Discussion by ziggy6
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See update to post #7
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Old Unix and Linux 4 Weeks Ago   -   Original Discussion by ziggy6
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sed mayhap?

sed 's/\([0-9.]\+\)-/-\1/g' file

EDIT: Unfortunately,my mawk doesn't provide "back references", so the closest approximation would be

awk '{gsub (/[0-9.]+-/, "-&x"); gsub (/-x/, "")} 1' file

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