Bash Script: Echo continuation across many lines

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Old 02-27-2018
Bash Script: Echo continuation across many lines

I am writing a bash script that automatically generates a macro program.
I want to have an echo on multiple lines and getting an error

/home/chaos/ line 309: command line is: command not found

I am using

      echo "# The general synopsis of the $mfl" \ 
           "command line is"                                >> $mfl

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Old 02-27-2018
We've been here before...

Having <backslash><space><newline> instead of <backslash><newline> does not give you a continuation line; it gives you an escaped <space> character on one line and your unrecognized command on the next line.
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Old 02-27-2018
Ohhh, same thing as before is it. Had forgotten about that
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