awk statement piped inside sed

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Old 02-21-2018
awk statement piped inside sed

Hello folks,
I have multiple occurrences of the pattern:


where [0-9] is any digit, in various text context but the pattern is unique as this regex. And I need to turn this decimal fraction into an integer (corresponding percent value: the range of 0-100).

What I'm doing is:
cat file | sed  -e "s/)\([0-9].[0-9][0-9][0-9]\):/)`echo "\1"|awk '{ r=int(100*$0); if((r>=0)&&(r<=100)){ print r; } else { print "error"; exit(-1); } }'`:/g"

but the output is


where is the fault?...
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Old 02-21-2018
awk '{while (match($0, /)[0-9].[0-9][0-9][0-9]:/)) {s=substr($0, RSTART+1, RLENGTH-2); r=int(100*s); if (r>100) r="error"; gsub(")" s ":", ")" r ":")}} 1' infile

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