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Old 05-22-2006
Unix shell scripting


we are writing this fields dynamically retrieved from database and writing
into the file.

$bmpRec = $bmpRec.'|'.$cust_id; # sp4

$bmpRec = $bmpRec.'|'.$serv_id; # sp5

$bmpRec = $bmpRec.'|'.$site_id; # sp6

$bmpRec = $bmpRec.'|'.$loc_id; # sp7

$bmpRec = $bmpRec.'|'.substr($si_room, 0, 25); # sp8

$bmpRec = $bmpRec.'|'.substr($floor, 0, 9); # sp9

$bmpRec = $bmpRec.'|'.substr($sof_id, 0, 20); # sp10

$bmpRec = $bmpRec.'|'.substr($cc_case_num, 0, 10); # sp11

$bmpRec = $bmpRec.'|'.substr($cc_part_num, 0, 30); # sp12

$bmpRec = $bmpRec.'|'. ""; # sp13, (cc_site_id) 01d removed from db

$bmpRec = $bmpRec.'|'.substr($acc_type, 0, 20); # sp14

$bmpRec = $bmpRec.'|'.$speed_value; # sp15

$bmpRec = $bmpRec.'|'.substr($link_protocol, 0, 10); # sp16

$bmpRec = $bmpRec.'|'.$site_glbl_dlci; # sp17

$bmpRec = $bmpRec.'|'.$intnl_gw_popid; # sp18

$bmpRec = $bmpRec.'|'.substr($fr_encapsulation, 0, 10); # sp19

$bmpRec = $bmpRec.'|'.substr($csu_dsu, 0, 25); # sp20

$bmpRec = $bmpRec.'|'. ""; # sp21 (lpw)

Finally we are printing the $bmpRec to a file
printf OUT "$bmpRec|\n"

When we are printing this variable into the file it has printed upto
I # sp9 and also it has not printed the final new line character (\n)
after this a shell script will append a trailer record (TRLR|727)with
the total number of records in the file.
Because the last record was half printed we are getting the trailer
record on the same line (appended to the last record) as follows

USP|200605|2212404|5314|15|880863|661897|CABL PLNT|1||TRLR|727|

Last edited by Maruthi Kunnuru; 05-23-2006 at 08:12 AM.. Reason: To give clear view of the problem
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Old 05-22-2006
i never seen wrong output.
but wht is your excat case??

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Old 05-22-2006
No but why don't you post an example of what you are doing so we can try to isolate issue or replicate it.
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Old 05-22-2006
Sometimes the line count from wc -l is short by one line, but only if the last line is incomplete because it does not end with a new line character.
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Old 05-23-2006
I have seen ls, wc etc give false readings if the file is opened by another program which is writing to it.

if the output is not flushed then file size etc remains the same.

# cat flush.pl
open FH, ">flush.txt";
for (1..410) {
print FH "abcdefg89\n";
sleep 360;
close FH;

NOTE: The string is 10 chars (including \n), 410 lines written before sleep. therefore size should be 4100 bytes. The file is already open and not close yet on the sleep.

# tail flush.txt

The block size of our system is 4096 so instead of 4100 bytes, 4096 is seen. The tail command will only show upto 4096 bytes.

# ls -l flush.txt
-rw-r--r-- 1 root system 4096 May 23 12:06 flush.txt

Ls confirms only 4096 bytes is seen

# wc -l flush.txt
409 flush.txt

wc -l shows only 409 and note 410.

The file will only show 4100 when you close the file.

# ls -l flush.txt
-rw-r--r-- 1 root system 4100 May 23 12:18 flush.txt
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