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Using sed to delete everything after "space"

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grep, sed, solved, space

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Old Unix and Linux 1 Week Ago   -   Original Discussion by Stefan Willms
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Using sed to delete everything after "space"


I have a lot of string texts which normally should only contain a single float so that I can put this float into a variable.
This stings are generated by a grep command out of a large html file.
sometimes a value that I want to grep is found more than once, so that the resulting sting contains the value more than once, too.
"14.5 14.5"
So my idea was to use the sed command to delete everything after the first found " ". But I am not able to set the parameters for that sed command right.
I hope someone can help me with that...


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never mind. The Secound after I wrote my question I found the Answer myself:

sed 's/\s.$//'

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Old Unix and Linux 1 Week Ago   -   Original Discussion by Stefan Willms
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You certainly meant .* not .$ ?
Further, \s is standard in perl (PCRE). And came into the GNU RE but is not a standard in an RE (not portable to a non-GNU sed).
The standard wants a character class

sed 's/[[:blank:]].*//'

Last but not least you ask to delete everything *after* a space, that would be

sed 's/\([[:blank:]]\).*/\1/'

The matching blank is marked in a \( \) group, and the \1 restores it.
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