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sed with pattern using variable

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pattern, sed, solved, variable

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Old Unix and Linux 01-11-2018   -   Original Discussion by mystition
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Originally Posted by MadeInGermany View Post
Ah, of course, the d command jumps to the next input cycle, so the following commands are not run.
Actually this was not the case in my test and the script worked as it was shown here. For reference, i used Linux (Kernel 4.10.42) and GNU-sed 4.2.2, shell is Kornshell 93 u+.

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Old Unix and Linux 01-12-2018   -   Original Discussion by mystition
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man sed

Delete pattern space. Start next cycle.

You must test with an input file that has a further <Description>xyz</Description> after (outside) the <OfferDefinition Id=...> ... </OfferDefinition> block.
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Old Unix and Linux 01-14-2018   -   Original Discussion by mystition
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Originally Posted by MadeInGermany View Post
Also doable with sed, continuing on your attempt

sed -e '/<OfferDefinition Id="/ {h; s/.*=" *//; s/ *">.*//; x; n;}' -e '/<Description>/ {H; x; s/\(.*\)\n\(.*<Description>\)/\2\1_/;}' file.txt

Better readable in two lines

sed '
  /<OfferDefinition Id="/ {h; s/.*=" *//; s/" *>.*//; x; n;}
  /<Description>/ {H; x; s/\(.*\)\n\(.*<Description>\)/\2\1_/;}
' file.txt

Of course digging out the saved value from the hold space is a bit of a hack (also in the previous post).
While the other codes using awk were giving slight errors (while printing the 'id' in 'description', they were replacing the existing text) which could be tweaked, your code worked perfectly. Many Thanks!

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Originally Posted by RudiC View Post
Try also

awk -F\" '/OfferDefinition>/ {ID = $2} /Description>/ {sub (/>/, "&" ID "_")} 1' file
Thanks Rudi, you are always helpful. Worked with a little bit of tweak in separators:

 awk -F\" '/OfferDefinition>|="/ {ID = $2"_"} /Description>/ {sub (/>/, "&" ID )} 1' file

However, can you explain why you have used '1' at the end? I tried removing it to understand but the code doesn't work without it...

Old Unix and Linux 01-14-2018   -   Original Discussion by mystition
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awk works in

pattern {action}

pairs. If pattern evaluates to TRUE, the respective action is executed. 1 is always TRUE, and for a missing actions the default, print, will be taken.
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