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Creating a text based game using shell script.

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Creating a text based game using shell script.
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Old 12-07-2017
Display Creating a text based game using shell script.

Hello guys I'm new to shell scripting and I need to make a game using shell script. I want to know if it is possible for me a total noob to shell scripting to make this game.

The game concept is simple:
  • First thing when you launch the script you get a menu in which you select if you want to login or signup or start a game or get more information or quit the game.
  • Second, you have to be able to create an account and the game should be able to store usernames and passwords and their respective scores. Also you should be able to delete your account if you want to.
  • Third, it is a word sorting game, you get 5 letters and you put as much words as you can using the given 5 letters.
  • Fourth the game should be able to tell if the words you enter are correct using a dictionary which I will provide.
  • Fifth, it should be able to keep score and give the total score at the end of the game.

And that's it I want to know if it is possible to create such a game using shell script and the difficulty degree.

Thank you all.

PS: I have a week to make it starting from tommorow.

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Old 12-07-2017
Welcome Othmane,

I have a few to questions pose in response first:-
  • Is this homework/assignment? There are specific forums/rules for these.
  • What have you tried so far?
  • What output/errors do you get?
  • What OS and version are you using?
  • What are your preferred tools? (C, shell, perl, awk, etc.)
  • What logical process have you considered? (to help steer us to follow what you are trying to achieve)
Most importantly, What have you tried so far?

There are probably many ways to achieve most tasks, so giving us an idea of your style and thoughts will help us guide you to an answer most suitable to you so you can adjust it to suit your needs in future.

We're all here to learn and getting the relevant information will help us all.

Kind regards,
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Old 12-08-2017
Hello rbatte1 thank you for your answer.
- Yes it is
- So far I've gotten to the menu.
- I don't get any errors since I haven't gotten really far.
- I'm using Ubuntu 16.04.
- As I said I'm just beginning in shell scripting thus I don't have any preferred tools right now.
- Nothing really.
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Old 12-08-2017
Do not post classroom or homework problems in the main forums. Homework and coursework questions can only be posted in this forum under special homework rules.

Please review the rules, which you agreed to when you registered, if you have not already done so.

More-than-likely, posting homework in the main forums has resulting in a forum infraction. If you did not post homework, please explain the company you work for and the nature of the problem you are working on.

If you did post homework in the main forums, please review the guidelines for posting homework and repost.

Thank You.

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