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sed print from last occurrence match until the end of last occurrence match

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting sed print from last occurrence match until the end of last occurrence match
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Old 12-07-2017
sed print from last occurrence match until the end of last occurrence match

Hi, i have file file.txt with data like:
03:11:30 a
03:11:40 b
03:13:30 eee
03:13:35 fff
03:14:30 eee
03:15:30 fff

I want the below output

03:14:30 eee
03:15:30 fff

Basically i want to display the lines between START and END of last match occurrence

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Old 12-07-2017
Welcome to the forum.

Any attempts / ideas / thoughts from your side? Does it have to be sed?
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Old 12-07-2017
Is this a homework assignment? Homework and coursework questions can only be posted in the Homework & Coursework Forum under special homework rules.

Please review the rules, which you agreed to when you registered, if you have not already done so.

If you did not post homework, please explain the company you work for and the nature of the problem you are working on. And, please also tell us the operating system and shell you're using. And, as RudiC asked, why sed? This is much easier to do with ed or ex.

If you did post homework in the main forums, please review the guidelines for posting homework and repost.
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Old 12-07-2017
I have tried below. But its displaying all lines between START and END
sed -n '/START/,/END/p' file.txt

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Old 12-07-2017
I repeat: Is this a homework assignment?

And, for the third time: Why is sed the only option for this task?
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Old 12-07-2017
I have tried using grep and finding the line numbers of matched strings which worked but its time consuming because in the original scenario there will be thousands of lines between START and END and reading all these lines will be time taking which effects the automation. Looking to resolve it primarily through "sed" and secondarily "awk"

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It's not a homework assignment. Its part of automation work for file handling.
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Old 12-07-2017
You still haven't said why you can't use ed or ex for this. The following code is much simpler than anything you can do with awk or sed:
ed -s file.txt <<-"EOF"

But, of course, this depends on using a shell that uses Bourne shell syntax and may be depending on a particular version of ed (depending on what OS you're using). Telling us what OS and shell you're using anything you start of thread in these forums allows people trying to help you avoid making wild assumptions about your environment and helps you get an answer that will work in your environment faster.
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