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Shell script to send mail alert

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Old Unix and Linux 4 Weeks Ago   -   Original Discussion by abhigrkist
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Shell script to send mail alert

HI Guys,

I am writing one shell script to send the mail alert to some email id's if the file not modified in last 10 mins but its not working, I believe MTIME is null string is wrong . can you please assist me on this.

script :-

echo "Filename is $filename"
MTIME=`find $filename -mmin +10`
if [MTIME is null ]
echo " $filename not modified from last 10 minutes . Please check"
 mail -s "abc.txt not modified " abc.xxx@com
 echo "$filename is modified "

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Old Unix and Linux 4 Weeks Ago   -   Original Discussion by abhigrkist
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When you start a thread in this forum it is always a good idea to tell us what operating system and shell you're using. Otherwise, we may make assumptions that apply to some operating system and shells that cannot possibly work in your environment...

If filename might contain pattern matching characters (and might therefore match more than one file) which might be supplied as a command line operand, you might want to try something more like:

echo "Filename is $filename"
find $filename -mmin +10 | while read -r file
do	echo "$file not modified from last 10 minutes.  Please check!"
	mail -s "$file not modified" abc.xxx@com

If you know that $filename will never expand to more than one file, you might want something more like:

echo "Filename is $filename"
MTIME=$(find "$filename" -mmin +10)
if [ -z "$MTIME" ]
then	echo "$filename not modified in last 10 minutes.  Please check"
	mail -s "$filename not modified" abc.xxx@com
else	echo "$filename is modified"

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