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Can't get my crontab to run

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Can't get my crontab to run
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Can't get my crontab to run

I'm trying to get a crontab to run, every Friday at 11am and the problem is that it isn't running at all.

0 11 * * 6 /Users/martinb/Documents/SYSADMIN/Regular-Scripts/

Here's a link to a screenshot of my script (I've censored my email address).
Screen Shot 2017 11 03 at 10 54 26 —

I've double checked that I've used the correct file path as well as adjusted the permissions of the script.
Screen Shot 2017 11 03 at 11 40 32 —
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Its going to be difficult with the info your gave here to help you not seeing th actual script, then "6" would be saturday...
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Originally Posted by vbe
Its going to be difficult with the info your gave here to help you not seeing th actual script, then "6" would be saturday...
That's fixed it, thankyou!
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That can be due to several reasons. Does it
- start at all? Check in system logs.
- start on time? Depending on your locale, 6 can be Saturday.
- fail right after starting? Schedule a simple script to just issue a message and exit.
- fail in the middle? Run in debug (xtrace) mode and analyse the log file.

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