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Ssh remote command and print same line

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Ssh remote command and print same line
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Ssh remote command and print same line

john-test:/root> ssh -q chicago-ser uname;date   
Fri Oct 13 16:41:11 GMT 2017

How I can print on the same line like this :
Linux Fri Oct 13 16:41:11 GMT 2017

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You have to convince uname not to output its <LF> char.

Until you find a way to do so, try
echo $(uname;date)
Linux 13.10.17 19:02

{ uname;date; } | tr '\n' ' ' 
Linux 13.10.17 19:03

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Another option, without actually removing the newline, but printing without it:
echo $(ssh -q chicago-ser uname;date)

(in your command, date is running on the local host, which may or may not be the same as the remote host, you'd need add quotes to change that)

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