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Old 07-26-2017
Originally Posted by capitain25
I'm a noob in scripting, and I posted this thread, looking for someone that can help me to develop the requested script.
No problem with that, we all started as beginners.

But what rbatte1 means is this: if you post your code, however bad it is, we can tell you how and why it failed and you would have the opportunity to learn from your own errors. Instead you posted nothing but a request, got a solution, then told us that the request is not the real request and the solution should be modified (naturally, by one of us).

Sorry to be so blunt but you come across not like someone seeking an opportunity to learn but someone who needs to get a job done. We help others to help themselves, but we are NOT a free scripting service for people not willing to script themselves.

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Old 07-26-2017
As i said i tried to create a script basing on some simillar posted threads but i failed, and i have to learn more to be able to create a such script.
Thanks guys and special thank to durden_tyler for his solution,
I guess only expert are welcome here 👍.
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Old 07-27-2017
Originally Posted by capitain25
I guess only expert are welcome here ��.
No, that isn't the case and you know it damn well. I repeat what i have written in another thread today already:

you will write your script! And while we will assist you, explain things to you, correct your code if necessary and help you in any possible way - we will not write it for you.

But to help you we would have to be able to see at least one line of code you wrote, working or not. Instead, you fail to show that and repeat telling us your tries "don't work". To analyse why they don't work we would have to see them, don't you think? And that is not a case of "experts" or "beginners". You don't call the doctor saying "it hurts" but you tell him where it hurts and how. Without seeing what you have done we cannot tell you what was wrong.


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