awk to select 2D data bins

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awk to select 2D data bins

I wish to use AWK to do something akin: Select all 2D data with 1<$1<2 and -7.5<$2<-6.5

But it's not working

awk 'END {print ($1<=2&&$1>=1&&$2<=-6.5&&$2>=-7.5)}' bla

-1.06897 -8.04482 -61.469
-1.13613 -8.04482 -61.2271
-1.00182 -8.04482 -61.2081
-1.06897 -8.13518 -60.8544
-1.00182 -8.13518 -60.6984
-0.93466 -8.04482 -60.5836
-1.13613 -8.13518 -60.496
-1.20329 -8.04482 -60.4121
-1.06897 -7.95445 -60.1609
-0.93466 -8.13518 -60.1215
-1.13613 -7.95445 -60.0277
-1.00182 -7.95445 -59.7979
-0.867504 -8.04482 -59.7306
-1.20329 -8.13518 -59.6574
-0.867504 -8.13518 -59.2955
-1.20329 -7.95445 -59.2756
-0.93466 -7.95445 -59.0925
-1.27044 -8.04482 -59.0918
-0.800347 -7.05077 -59.0633
-0.73319 -7.05077 -58.8337
-0.800347 -6.9604 -58.8034
-0.800347 -8.04482 -58.7441
-1.27044 -8.13518 -58.4938

Any suggestion what's wrong in my command, I've been breaking my head over this.

Last edited by Scott; 07-19-2017 at 08:40 AM.. Reason: Added code tags around data
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Hello chrisjorg,

Could you please try to remove END section from your command once. END section will only be executed at the last when file got processed. So it will only look for the last line, try removing it and one more thing remove the print command also and only mention condition here as if condition is TRUE then by default action awk will do is printing of the specific line whose condition gets satisfied.

R. Singh
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Actually, howsoever you code it, none of your data lines in post#1 will satisfy your conditions and will be printed...
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