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Awk/if statement error

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removed ` in if condition, solved

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Old Unix and Linux 07-13-2017   -   Original Discussion by kieranfoley
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Awk/if statement error

Can anybody tell the correct way to use the following awk pattern check within an if statement?

When I run this command outside of the if statement

cat /tmp/test2.out | awk -v T=$TIME -v G=$GROUP -v C=$CDATE '$0 ~ T && $0 ~ G && $0 ~ C' | grep -i "Starting the group"

I get the following result which is correct

71193 07/13/2017 05:30:00 AM  0 0 0 2291124000 26204 0 seinwsprd01 nsrd NSR info Savegroup Info: Skipped starting the group 'Misc_FS_Monthly_530'.

The 3 variables are defined as


But when I execute the command withing an if statement in a bash shell I get the following error.

./backup_checker.sh: line 56: 71193: command not found

Note that


is the first entry in the line that matches the pattern.

This is my if statement

    if `cat /tmp/test2.out | awk -v T=$TIME -v G=$GROUP -v C=$CDATE '$0 ~ T && $0 ~ G && $0 ~ C' | grep -i "Starting the group"` > /dev/null
        echo -e "$GROUP did not start at $TIME - Please check\n" >> $OUTDIR/nonrunners.out

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I figured out the issue. I do not need to use ` in the if statement/condition.
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