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round in KSH

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round in KSH

Is there an easy way to round a number up in Korn shell?

ie. 10.4 --> 11

# 2  
printf "%.0f\n" 10.4

This produces 10, which is the correct result of rounding 10.4
# 3  
Write yourself a quick C program to round-up using ceil...
# cat /var/tmp/abs.c
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <math.h>

float li;
int x;

main( int argc, char **argv ) {
   li = atof(argv[1]);
   x = ceil( li );
   printf( "%d\n", x );
   return 0;
# cc -lm /var/tmp/abs.c -o /var/tmp/abs
# /var/tmp/abs 129.12
# /var/tmp/abs 3
# /var/tmp/abs 3.6

# 4  
Greatly appreciate the replies.'s surprising that there isn't a built-in function to perform rounding UP.
# 5  
ksh88 only supports integers. ksh93 has floating point and can do rounding internally.

$ typeset -F r
$ ((r=2.0/3.0))
$ echo $r
$ typeset -i ir
$ ((ir=r+.5))
$ echo $ir
# 6  
Now why did I know Perderabo had the solution in his bag of tricks !!!

Thanks much Perderabo !!!
# 7  
Round off in bash

Hi Guys,

How to do rounding off in bash

10.3 ---> 10
10.6 ---> 11

Gaurav Goel

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