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Open and edit a file using a shell script

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Old Unix and Linux 07-04-2017   -   Original Discussion by ektubbe
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Open and edit a file using a shell script

Hello Folks,
I have a file named as date.dat present at /tmp/abc location which has following data -


I need to remove this line and replace it with something like below -


Param1, Param2 and param3 stores the date based on some calculation in the same script.
Any leads will be greatly appreciated.

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Old Unix and Linux 07-04-2017   -   Original Discussion by ektubbe
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First off: what do you mean by "something like"? I am sure you look for a solution, not something like a solution, no? So, please, tell us what you need, not "something alike".

If i get you correctly you want to replace a line in a file with 3 selectable values, yes?

If so:

#! /bin/ksh

typeset chVal1="$1"
typeset chVal2="$2"
typeset chVal3="$3"
typeset fIn="/tmp/abc/date.dat"

sed '/^20161030,20161031,20161101$/ {
      }' "$fIn" > "$fIn".tmp

if [ $? -eq 0 ] ; then
     mv "$fIn".tmp "$fIn"
     print -u2 "Error editing file!
     rm -f "$fIn".tmp
     exit 1

exit 0

Save this to a file script.sh, flag it executable and call it with ./script.sh "param1" "param2" "param3".

Note that the script is a barebone solution - no effort is made for paramter checking, etc.. Add this functionality ad libitum.

I hope this helps.

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