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Script to check if file systems are mounted

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Script to check if file systems are mounted
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Old 05-24-2017
Script to check if file systems are mounted


I have the following piece of code, running on a solaris 10 O.S., that is not working for NFS file systems:
for vol in `grep -E 'vxfs|ufs|nfs' /etc/vfstab | egrep -v '^#' | awk '{ print $3 }'`
 if df -k $vol | grep $vol > /dev/null
  outputOK "Filesystem: $vol    mounted"
 else    outputW  "Filesystem: $vol    NOT MOUNTED"

I think the problem is to print $3, because on the /etc/vfstab file column 3 does not coincide with the name of the file system.
Can you give me a hint how to solve it
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Old 05-24-2017
Originally Posted by fretagi
I think the problem is to print $3, because on the /etc/vfstab file column 3 does not coincide with the name of the file system.
In that case, which column does this have info? Please post the contents of /etc/vfstab.

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