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Strip file based on pattern

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# 1  
Strip file based on pattern


I am stripping the below file based on a pattern:

**Starts**02-MAY-2017 03:48:13
**Ends**02-MAY-2017 03:48:13
Start of log messages 
Extract program started at          - 02-MAY-2017 03:48:32

!DATE:  05/02/2017  ***  PULLS DATA INFO ***
!START 03:48:32
!END:  03:48:32  JOB RECORDS   3943
!******    GOOD END OF JOB PROCESS  ***
Extract program completed at        - 02-MAY-2017 03:48:32

End of log messages 

No completion options were requested.

I can identify the lines using grep "^[^!]" test.txt and grep "^!" test.txt.

But not sure how to do sed or awk to strip the first character

I want a new file to be created as below:

DATE:  05/02/2017  ***  PULLS DATA INFO ***
START 03:48:32
END:  03:48:32  JOB RECORDS   3943
******    GOOD END OF JOB PROCESS  ***

# 2  
sed -n '/^!/ {s///;p}' file

# 3  
If your grep support '-P' connector for perl pcre:
grep -Po '^!\K.*' file


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