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How to stop cronjob automatically after cron process get completed?

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting How to stop cronjob automatically after cron process get completed?
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Blade How to stop cronjob automatically after cron process get completed?

Hi ,
I have scheduled the script using cron between 25-31 of the month.

My script will trigger the ETL job once file is available in Windows path between these days(every 2 hours between 26 - 30 of every month ).

So my question : "if the ETL job completes cron should stop the running the script. (i.e., if the ETL job completed on 26th after that cron should stop running the script for 2 hours of rest of the days)"

Is the any way can do ?

Please help
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Put a line in the job right at the end to write out a timestamp file somewhere. The existence of this file indicates that the required processing has already been done. Put in a line at the beginning of the job to check for the existence of a timestamp file and, if it exists, end the job without doing anything.

Schedule another cron job to run, say, the 4th of the month to delete the timestamp file so that things will run later in that month.
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How have you written the cron entry? It is possible that you will have it run every day from 25th to 31st inclusive.

Please paste the cron record in CODE tags.

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00 14 25-31 * * /path/script/

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That will NOT run every 2 hours, but at 2pm for 7 days.
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Following the suggestion from hicksd8
00 */2 25-31 * * /path/script/ && >/tmp/

and have another cron job
00 14 24 * * rm -f /tmp/

The && does the lockfile only if the exited happily (zero exit status).

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