Sendmail K command regex: adding exclusion/negative lookahead to regex -a@MATCH

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Old 03-20-2017
Linux Sendmail K command regex: adding exclusion/negative lookahead to regex -a@MATCH

I'm trying to get some exclusions into our sendmail regular expression for the K command. The following configuration & regex works:
Kcheckaddress regex -a@MATCH
# check address against various regex checks
R$*                             $: $>Parse0 $>3 $1
R$+                             $: $(checkaddress $1 $)
R@MATCH                         $#error $: "553 Your Domain is Blocked for Unsolicited Mail"

So we are blocking but not I'd like to add exclusions for cities and schools so to allow and user@subdomain.[state].us. (note that [state] means 1 of the 50 states including DC).

This regex with negative lookahead syntax is not working (using CA for California as a test):

I get this error:
sendmail -bt
/etc/mail/ line 199: pattern-compile-error: Invalid preceding regular expression

I'm pretty sure that sendmail's R & K commands do not support negative look-aheads. So if anyone can help re-write the regex in a sed-friendly format I'd be grateful! Here is a link to K command switches. Any suggestions on how to get the negative lookahead to work in sendmail?
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