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Need to extract jil file details in a excelsheet

jil, parsing, shell script, shell scripts

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# 8  
Old 03-02-2017
awk -F: '
NR==1           {HD = "insert_job,machine,date_conditions,days_of_week,start_time,timezone,description,command,alarm_if_fail"
                 for (HDCnt=i=split(HD, HDArr, OFS); i>0; i--) SRCH[HDArr[i]] 
                 print HD

function PRT()  {for (i=1; i<=HDCnt; i++)       {printf "%s%s", RES[HDArr[i]], i<HDCnt?OFS:ORS
                 split ("", RES)

/--- JOB/       {if (PR) PRT()

                {sub ("^  *", _)

$1 in SRCH      {T = $1
                 sub ($1 FS " *", "")
                 sub (/[	 ][	 ]+.*$/, "")
                 RES[T] = $0

END             {PRT()
' OFS=","  file

Please be aware that the structure of the line containing insert_job differs from the data in post#1 (<TAB> separated, not spaces), so the splitting off of the job_type doesn't work any more.
# 9  
Old 03-03-2017
Hi Rudi, would it be possible for you to explain how this script works? Im still learning awk and theres a lot i dont understand in this script?
Many thanks
# 10  
Old 03-03-2017
That proposal is only a slight adaption of the script you posted as your attempt. How about you try to explain it here, and we jump in on the gaps that you can't cover?
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