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Script to Tar file in a specific Directory

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Script to Tar file in a specific Directory
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Old 02-14-2017
Your last sample can be written as
LOG_DIRS="/Sandbox/logs1 /Sandbox/logs2 /Sandbox/logs3 /Sandbox/logs4"
for log_dir in $LOG_DIRS
  for file in "$log_dir"/*
    # ensure it is a file and not yet gzipped
    if [ -f "$file" ] && [[ $file != *.gz ]]
      gzip "$file"

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MULOG(1)							Museek Daemon Plus							  MULOG(1)

Mulog - Chat Logging Script for Museekd DESCRIPTION
Mulog is command-line Python script that connects to museekd(1) and saves chat messages into log files. Under the Log Directory, it creates room & private subdirectories and a syslog file. If it loses connection with museekd, it will automatically exit. Setting the interface and password on the command-line is a security risk. Since interface and password settings are saved to the config file when set, you should set them, exit mulog, and restart mulog without the options on the commandline..LP Before running, you will need a working museekd(1) and need to know your museekd interface and interface password. Configure those with musetup(1). SYNOPSIS
mulog [-c <config-filename> ] [--config <config-filename>] [-i <host:port | /socket.path>] [--interface <host:port | /socket.path> [-p <interface-password>] [--password <inteface-password>] [-l <directory>] [--log <directory>] [-v] [--version] [-h] [--help] OPTIONS
Mulog accepts the following options: -c <filename>, --config <filename> Use a different config file. -l <directory>, --log <directory> Use a different chat log directory. -i, --interface <host:port | /socket.path> Choose a different interface (saved to config file) -p, --password <interface-password> Choose a different password (saved to config file) -v, --version Display Version and exit. -h, --help Display Help and exit. EXAMPLE
To run this program the standard way type: mulog Alternativly you use a different config file with: mulog --config mulog.config To set the interface password: mulog --password 1234567890 FILES
~/.museekd/mulog.config The default location for the mulog config file. ~/.museekd/logs/ The default log directory. ~/.museekd/logs/syslog The museekd error/connection log file. ~/.museekd/logs/room/ The directory where chat room logs are stored. ~/.museekd/logs/private/ The directory where private chat logs are stored. AUTHORS
Hyriand <> daelstorm <> SEE ALSO
mucous(1) murmur(1) muscan(1) muscand(1)museekcontrol(1) museekd(1) musetup(1) musetup-gtk(1) museeq(1) daelstorm Release 0.2.0 MULOG(1)

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