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Bash expansion

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Old 02-10-2017
Originally Posted by jcdole
Thank you very much for your effort.
But I have to draw your attention on two things :
1) FILTER_2 is a list of files and then ".Xauthority,.xsession1,.bash_history" are files.
2) My real problem is when I try to add a second predicate (list of files in FILTER_2) after the first predicate ( FILTER_1 )
This solution has evolved over the weekend but as there have been no further replies I'll update in-place.

My final solution avoids changes of $IFS and the set -f builtin. Firstly an example of the solution using some dummy directories and files in /tmp. Note whitespace is used in $MY_PATH to show this method supports that situation. I also create a file matching .dummy* to highlight any erroneous expansions from PWD:
$ MY_PATH="/tmp/jc dole"
$ mkdir -p "$MY_PATH"/{test,.local/share/{kscreen,ballo},.dbus}
$ touch "$MY_PATH"/{test,.local/share/{kscreen,ballo},.dbus}/{test{1,2},.direct{A,B,C},.Xauthority,.xsession1,.bash_history}
$ touch .direct_Dummy_PWD_File
$ FA=( -path "$MY_PATH"/.local/share/kscreen -o -path "$MY_PATH"/.local/share/ballo -o -path "$MY_PATH"/.dbus )
$ FB=( ! -name .direct\*  ! -name .Xauthority  ! -name .xsession\*  ! -name .bash_history )

$ find "$MY_PATH"  -type d \( "${FA[@]}" \)  -prune -o -type f \( "${FB[@]}" -print \)
/tmp/jc dole/test/test1
/tmp/jc dole/test/test2

$ rm .direct_Dummy_PWD_File

Below I have updated the original script to use this method.

I'm a little unsure why you have the CHERCHE() function, but have continued to use it below as it could be a simplified stub for the actual function you are using to process these files. However, there is now no need to test for directories at the top of CHERCHE(), as find no longer passes unwanted directory names to the function.

function CHERCHE () {
    echo "doing : $MY_PATH1"
    /usr/bin/kate "$MY_PATH1"
export -f CHERCHE


FILTRE_1=( -path  "$MY_PATH"/.local/share/kscreen  -o -path  "$MY_PATH"/.local/share/baloo -o -path  "$MY_PATH"/.dbus )
FILTRE_2=( ! -name .direct\*  ! -name .Xauthority  ! -name .xsession\*  ! -name .bash_history )

find "$MY_PATH"  -type d \( "${FILTRE_1[@]}" \)  -prune -o -type f \( "${FILTRE_2[@]}" -exec bash -c "CHERCHE \"$0\" {}" \; \)

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Old 02-14-2017
I will test it and give you news as soon as possible.

---------- Post updated 14-02-17 at 13:02 ---------- Previous update was 13-02-17 at 19:49 ----------

Originally Posted by Chubler_XL
find "$MY_PATH"  -type d \( "${FILTRE_1[@]}" \)  -prune -o -type f \( "${FILTRE_2[@]}" -exec bash -c "CHERCHE \"$0\" {}" \; \)

Congratulation !

That do the job.

Thank you very much indeed.


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