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please can any one help me bundle several files into one

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting please can any one help me bundle several files into one
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Old 04-27-2006
Hammer & Screwdriver please can any one help me bundle several files into one

#call function from loop
case $# in
0) echo "usage enshar file1 file2 ... > outputfile ! " >/deb/sterr ;;
*) for filename

if [ $filename -gt 1 ]; then
echo "invalid pathname > try bin " $filename >/dev/stderr
exit 1

if [ -d $filename ]; then
echo "is a directory!" $filename >/dev/stderr
exit 2

if [ ! -r $filename ] || [ ! -f $filename ]; then
echo "unreadable or non existant " $filename >/dev/stderr
exit 3

grep -- "^!EnShAr!" "$filename"

if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
echo "cant enshar it or already enshared! " $filename >/dev/stderr
exit 5
if [ $filename = "" ]; then
echo "usage is enshar file1 file2 .. > outputfile" >/dev/stderr
exit 6

done ;;

for filename in $*
filevalidate $filename

for filename in $*
echo cat \>$filename \<\<"\\!EnShAr!"
cat <$filename
echo "!EnShAr!"
echo set \`cksum $filename\`
set `cksum $filename`
echo "test \$filename = $filename || echo \$0: BAD checksum in
$filename >&2"

exit 0

#this is what i have so far and only works 80%
#kind regards
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Old 04-27-2006
Is there a reason you cannot use tar?
If you tell us exactly what you are trying to do, we can help you.
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Old 04-27-2006
thats the point no compression utiliy as it use CPU usuage

thats the point no compression utiliy as it use CPU usuage

any thanks for responding !!
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Old 04-27-2006
um, what you're doing has cpu usage. tar does what shar does, it packs, it doesn't necessarily compress or encrypt files. You can read a tar in an editor.
Especially if it's just a text file archive. Anyway, how you pack things is not that important.

Again, can you tell us what you are trying to do, minus the cpu problem.

In other words, what are your requirements?

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Old 04-27-2006
Power To be honest the CPU is irrelavant but its a demonstatration script

$ enshar README cars Unix > eg.shar
$ mailx -s 'Re: Please send me your brilliant stuff' \
> < eg.shar

You have to:

o work out how to use the shar file to extract the files it

o work out how it works, and

o write a shell script called `enshar' to produce shar files to
exactly the same format. (But your's won't have been e-mailed, so
they won't have any e-mail headers!)

Notice that `enshar' doesn't generate files directly; it only sends to
standard output. In the example, `eg.shar' was created because the
user redirected `enshar's output into `eg.shar'.

If `enshar' finds an error, it outputs an error message and executes an
`exit n'. The required error messages and the values of `n' are as

1 Usage: enshar file [ ... ]

2 enshar: <parameter>: can't be a pathname

3 enshar: <parameter>: is a directory

4 enshar: <parameter>: doesn't exist

5 enshar: <parameter>: can't be read

6 enshar: <parameter>: can't enshar


o The first error message is given if the script is called without

o The second error message is given if a parameter has a `/' character
in it.

o Error messages three to five are given if the file specified by a
parameter is: a directory, non-existant or unreadable.

o Error message six is given if the file specified by the parameter
contains the line that is used as the `here document' delimiter.

o `enshar' doesn't need to check all its parameters before generating
any output. That is, it can fail after outputting part of the shar
file. It would be an error for `enshar' to output anything else after
generating an error message.

6 In error messages two to six `<parameter>' should be replaced by the
value of the actual parameter that caused the problem.
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Old 04-27-2006
Homework. You should read the FAQ. Homework help is not allowed here.

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