How can i split this.. :)?

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting How can i split this.. :)?
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Thanks to everyone for all the support .. I do not know which shell I use.

Operating system Kali Linux (Debian) 2.6

I did what I wanted. I made it on the quilt that "Scrutinizer" said

#!/usr/bin/env bash

IFS="." read OCT1 OCT2 OCT3 OCT4 

a=$(echo "$OCT2" | cut -c1)
b=$(echo "$OCT2" | cut -c2)
c=$(echo "$OCT2" | cut -c3)

echo $a
echo $b
echo $c

its work... again thanks everybody
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Originally Posted by networksherlock
Thanks to everyone for all the support .. I do not know which shell I use.

Operating system Kali Linux (Debian) 2.6
Debian means you probably use DASH, I think. Which sadly makes cut one of the easier options.

Hopefully DASH will catch up to the 90's one of these days.
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Yes but it only means that /bin/sh points to dash. bash should be readily available, and appears to be used, according to the shebang (!#), but it depends how the script is being called. I cannot make out the exact version of the Kali Linux in question...

@OP. Can you post :
bash --version
cat /etc/*release

How do you run the script?
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