Log all the commands input by user at real time in /var/log/messages

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Please don't bump posts.

What user are you attempting to audit? If it's root, one cheap way to do audit is to not give them direct root access and let them do everything through sudo. Every time they call sudo that will be logged.
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example we have an activity. i just want to do a tail -f /var/log/messages and i can see what is going on.. I have able to achieve it but not 100%.. Tried a lot of ways but to no avail its not that i am expeting of.

function log2syslog
    logger -p local1.notice -t bash -i -- "$(logname): $BASH_COMMAND"

trap log2syslog DEBUG

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"example we have an activity" isn't really helpful...

Any and all in-shell ways to do this can be trivially circumvented.

Doing this properly may mean changing the way you do things, not just slapping code onto your existing system.

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I just want to have the output like below.
Jan 13 17:09:05 SERVER1 bash[727]: user1: vi /etc/httpd/conf.d/httpd.conf
Jan 13 17:09:05 SERVER1 bash[731]: user1:  service httpd restart
Jan 13 17:09:05 SERVER1 bash[735]: user5: tail -f /var/log/messages
Jan 13 17:09:05 SERVER1 bash[739]: user2: sudo su -

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Well, RHEL6 supports auditing, I wasn't sure it did. Look here:

Chapter 7. System Auditing
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NOted. Thank you. will try to review it.
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