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Glance Fatal Error

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Old 04-26-2006
Lightbulb Glance Fatal Error

Hi ,

I a stuck with this problem. I am trying to execute this script1 on SERVER 1 from SERVER 2 using script2

script1 on SERVER 1


/opt/perf/bin/glance -f -adviser_only -iterations 2 -maxpages 2 > /home/user/scripts/glance.op

cpuval1=`grep ^CPU /home/user/scripts/glance.op| cut -d"|" -f2| cut -d"%" -f1`
memval1=`grep ^Mem /home/user/scripts/glance.op| cut -d"|" -f2| cut -d"%" -f1`

echo "The CPU Utilization is"
echo $cpuval1
echo "The Memory Utilization is "
echo $memval1[/SIZE]
Script2 on Server 2


echo " "
echo "The Current date and Time is "
echo " "

ssh shs1pd1 $scriptpath/

Error in the glance.op file

===================== GlancePlus Fatal Error =====================
User : xxxx Date: Wed Apr 26 02:55:54
File : ../../../gp/source/glance/terminal.c Line: 159
System : xxxxx B.11.11 9000/800

Unable to initialize terminal.
stdin is not a terminal device.

===================== GlancePlus Non-Fatal Error =====================
User : xxxx Date: Wed Apr 26 02:55:55
File : ../../../gp/source/glance/glance.c Line: 1377
System : xxxxx B.11.11 9000/800

Unable to perform functions on devices.

===================== GlancePlus Non-Fatal Error =====================
User : xxxx Date: Wed Apr 26 02:55:55
File : ../../../gp/source/glance/glance.c Line: 1379
System : xxxxxx B.11.11 9000/800

Unable to perform functions on devices.

Can some one help me fix this problem ..

Thanks ..
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Old 04-26-2006
-advisor_only -bootup
# 3  
Old 04-27-2006
As advised i tried using as mentioned below .. but this does'nt work .

/opt/perf/bin/glance -f -adviser_only -bootup -iterations 2 -maxpages 2 > /home/infra/scripts/glance.op

can some one help in fixing the problem
# 4  
Old 05-02-2006

Hi ,

Can anyone help me out with the above stated problem.

I am still awaiting any reply from the members ..

Thanks in advance ..
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Old 05-10-2006
Glance Fatal Error - Solution

Hey ..

after much search and help from one senior i got the solution to the problem i posted few days back ...

Problem How to get glance data in temporary file for monitoring issues ...

Solution : Please refer the first post too ..

/opt/perf/bin/glance -aos /home/user/scripts/glance.syn -iterations 2 >/home/user/scripts/glance.op

Here "/opt/perf/bin/" is the path where glance lies on ur system.

-iterations is the number of times glance shud run ... read man page of glance

-aos - it is same as -adviser_only option read man page for detail ..

and the "glance.syn" is a file which captures the data for memory and cpu utilization directly from the variables of glance utility

print "CPU total:",gbl_cpu_total_util_cum|3|0,"% Mem Cum:",gbl_mem_util_cum|3|0,"%"

here "gbl_cpu_total_util_cum" & "gbl_mem_util_cum" are the variable from glance utility used for capturing the required data ..

Hope this helps who comes across such problem in future ..

Keep posting

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