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Unexpected Argument list too long error on later os level

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solved, xargs arguments

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Old Unix and Linux 01-10-2017   -   Original Discussion by say170
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for info, I set -n 2000. 2250 failed.
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Old Unix and Linux 01-10-2017   -   Original Discussion by say170
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I'd set the limit rather pessimistic. E. g. rather 500 than 2100, because it depends on the length of the parameters when the environment space is used up.

A parameter may be ...


or it maybe...


...and for sure check if it fails nevertheless.


But would it not be better to set the variables so that every command is happy with the limits and will work correctly with it? I do not yet now what variables to adjust so var. But fumbling around to set some limits that hopefully would not be hit seems not to be the cleanest way, despite it'll work 99% if you set the limits very conservative.


the man-page here shows:

xargs (GNU findutils) 4.4.2

       -s max-chars
              Use at most max-chars characters per command line, including the command and 
              initial-arguments and the terminating nulls at the ends of the argument strings.  
              The largest allowed value is system-dependent, and is calculated as the argument 
              length limit for exec, less the size of your environment, less 2048 bytes of 
              headroom.  If this value  is  more  than 128KiB, 128Kib is used as the default value; 
              otherwise, the default value is the maximum.  1KiB is 1024 bytes.

I would assume that --max-chars is more robust then --max-args

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