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if and sed statement

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Old 04-24-2006
if and sed statement

this is my output for my crawler.


what i am trying to do is add the website to the beginning of the output
e.g: for instance the first line of the output reads "/about.html" then after the website is added this is what it would read "" i am trying to pass the website through variable "$1". and i am trying to write an if statement to where if the output has "/" in front at the begnning it would add $1 {} it will add and if it does'nt it will leave it alone. can anyone help?
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Old 04-24-2006


sed "/^\//s/^/${prefix}/" myFile

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Old 04-25-2006
Thanks alot it worked Smilie

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Old 04-26-2006
spin off question

Originally Posted by chris1234
Thanks alot it worked Smilie
Say you wanted to wget each line of chris's output, and store the data just as he has, how would you go about doing this? Say for instance: wget (throw in a few sed and greps to get the same output). then to the next line of Chris1234 output and so on. I guess my question is more focused on writing a recursive function. If Chris1234 did this, that would make is program more self sustaining, but thats if thats what he's looking for? So can anyone help?

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