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UNIX command output format in email is not same as on the system

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting UNIX command output format in email is not same as on the system
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Old 12-05-2016
UNIX command output format in email is not same as on the system


I have script to collect file system usage statistics from few remote unix hosts and email . On the UNIX system the column spacing is fine but the email output is not aligned properly. Any tips to fix this ?
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Old 12-05-2016
General comments:

Are you sending email using html? Otherwise you can create a attachment text file that is formatted for the mail reader - text for Linux, windows carriage control for windows.

If you want good help:
1. what email (sendmail, mailx, squirrel, etc) sends the email?
2. Do the emails get read in windows or in linux?

Please give us a sample of the format - wrong and as you want it.
That is four things we need to get started helping you.

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