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How can awk ignore the field delimiter like comma inside a field?

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# 1  
How can awk ignore the field delimiter like comma inside a field?

We have a csv file as mentioned below and the requirement is to change the date format in file as mentioned below.

Current file (file.csv)

Required output file

We are using below script for this. This script works fine for first record, but it does not give correct output for second record. Please see the actual output and script below-

Awk Script (This is .ksh file)

awk 'BEGIN{ FS=OFS="," 
            nf=split("2,4", f)                           # array of input field numbers
            nd=split(",7,4,-,4,2,-,1,2", d)        # array of date subfield info (in output order): prefix(out),pos(in),len(in)         
     { for(i=1; i<=nf; i++){ 
           if($f[i]) {
               for(j=1; j<=nd; j+=3) fmod=fmod sprintf("%s", d[j] substr($f[i], d[j+1], d[j+2]))
               $f[i] = fmod
       } print
     }' file.csv

Actual Output which is not correct

Please suggest me, how Awk can handle the second record which contain comma inside a field?

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# 3  
How about
awk -F, -vOFS=, '{for (i=1; i<=NF; i++) {split ($i, T, "/"); if (T[1] < 32 && T[2] < 13 && T[3] > 2000) $i = T[3] "-" T[2] "-" T[1]}} 1' file

# 5  
Where and how does it fail? Any error message? Wrong output?
It works here on linux and FreeBSD.

And, of course:
Originally Posted by Don Cragun
If you are using a Solaris/SunOS system, use /usr/xpg4/bin/awk or nawk instead of awk.
# 6  
Hi Rudi,

On Solaris, awk is giving below error message-

awk: syntax error near line 1
awk: bailing out near line 1

but when I am tried with nawk, it is giving output but removing all commas like below-

ram 2015-09-08 sales 2016-06-21
"akash sahu" 2015-10-08 IT 2016-07-21

Here date conversion is working fine but I want comma also between the fields. Please see the below required output-


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[CODE]This is my code[/CODE]
to produce the following (fixed character width, space respected):-
This is my code

Not only does it make posts far easier to read, but CODE and ICODE sections respect multiple space and have fixed width characters, which is important for easily seeing input/output requirements.

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# 7  
Try a little modification:
-v OFS=","

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