Count occurrence of column one unique value having unique second column value

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Old 08-02-2016
Count occurrence of column one unique value having unique second column value

Hello Team,

I need your help on the following:

My input file a.txt is as below:


Here row 1 and row 2 of column 1 are identical but corresponding column 2 value are different. I am trying to get following output:

2 3330690
1 0640829

Following is what I tried:

awk -F'|' '{print $1}' a.txt | sort -n | uniq | grep -F -f - a.txt | awk -F'|' '{pritn $2}' | sort | uniq

This gives me following result:



But it does not tell me how many times distinct column 1 value is occurring due to distinct value of column 2

Your help is highlu appreciated


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Old 08-02-2016
Hello angshuman,

I am not at all sure about your Input_file and expected output. As you are saying column 1 and column 2 should be common then it shouldn't be that count which you have posted.
awk -F"|" '{A[$1 FS $2]++} END{for(i in A){print A[i] FS i}}'  Input_file

Output will be as follows.

Above takes field 1st and field 2nd as an index into array. If your requirements are different then please post complete conditions with expected results.

R. Singh
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Old 08-02-2016
Your specification is far from clear. Would this do what you request:
awk -F"|" '!T[$1,$2]++ {C[$1]++} END {for (c in C) print C[c], c}' file
1 0640829
2 3330690

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Old 08-02-2016
Thank you Ravinder for your response. Sorry if I question is not clear.

Condition 1 - Unique value of column one which are 3330690 and 0640829
Condition 2 - Unique value of column one 3330690 is associated with 2 distinct value of column 2 which are 373846 and 373847. The unique value of column 1 which is 0640829 is associated with unique value of column 2 which is 459725.

Hence output is expected as below

2 3330690 
1 459725

Hope this clarifies.

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Thank you RudiC. This worked perfectly. Now I am trying to understand this piece of code.
Can you please help explaining the code?

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Old 08-02-2016
If the index constructed from $1 and $2 does not exist in the temp array T, its a new combination, and the counter for $1 is incremented. When the input file ends, all these counters and the corresponding $1 values are printed.

More detailed:
For the first occurrence of the $1,$2 combination, T[$1,$2] doesn't exist, so !T[$1,$2] is true, and the counter C[$1] is incremented. Due to the increment of T , the next time the combination is encountered, nothing will happen. C[$1] thus counts up the different $2s for every single $1. In the end, the count for every single $1 is printed.

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