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Using sed inside system call in awk

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Old 07-19-2016
Using sed inside system call in awk

HI ,
I am trying to write a code where if a file system has / at the end then replace it with null but it should not affect root file system /

for example if
ip is /var/opt/home/ then o/p is /var/opt/home
but if ip is / then it should remain /.

for this i am using below code but no success

echo "hi/" |awk -F "/" -v line=$0 '{ if ($NF == "" && NF -eq 2 && $1 == "") print $0;else print system("echo " $line \"| (sed 's>/$>>')\");}'

I am getting error:
awk: { if ($NF == "" && NF -eq 2 && $1 == "") print $0;else print system("echo " $line \"| (sed s
awk: ^ backslash not last character on line
I have tried numerous combinations but no luck.

thanks for help

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Old 07-19-2016
That method is quite an overkill by the looks of it. You could simply do something like this (providing you have an bash/ksh that supports this form of parameter expansion):

echo ${tmp:-/} # The expected result

I imagine there are even smarter ways to.

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Old 07-19-2016
Hello Jcpratap,

It seems a very heavy way to achieve this. Could you do something based on the following instead?
echo $my_dir

By way of explanation, the variable is substituted for a value based on itself. It could be done in two steps for more clarity like this:-
my_dir="${my_dir%/}"        # 1st substitution
my_dir="${my_dir:=/}"       # 2nd substitution
echo $my_dir

The first substitution trims off a trailing / from whatever the input string is.
The second substitution assigns the value / if the input is null, i.e. it used to be just / before it was trimmed to nothing. The first code suggestion just merges these two together.

I hope that this helps,

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Old 07-19-2016
Another approach:-
awk '/[^/]+/{sub(/\/$/,X)}1'

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Old 07-19-2016
You are spawning another process with that though and not very easy to understand if you are not a awk Jedi Master like yourself.
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Old 07-19-2016
@rbatte1: in my bash, my_dir="${my_dir%/:=/}" doesn't work. Is that a "bashism" or do I do sth. wrong?
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Old 07-20-2016

awk '/[^/]+/{sub(/\/$/,X)}1'


can you explain the same

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