awk command to return only field with a number in it

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Old 06-26-2016
awk command to return only field with a number in it

What is an awk command to print only fields with a number in it??

Input file.......

And as an output I want


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Old 06-26-2016
Originally Posted by garethsays
What is an awk command to print only fields with a number in it?? [...]
It would be more than just a command. Why does it have to be AWK, have you been working on it with AWK, already? What have you tried? Where are you having problems with?
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Old 06-26-2016
In addition to showing us what you have tried to solve your problem, please also explain in more detail why most alphabetic fields are deleted, but one of the alphabetic fields at the end of the 3rd input line (2nd output line) in your samples was converted to an empty field (with the trailing comma)???

What should happen if there is a leading alphabetic field in your input file followed by a field that contains a numeric character. Should there be a leading comma in the output or not?
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