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Rsync to copy specific subfolders and files to new directory

bash, copy, files, folders, rsync

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Old 06-22-2016
Rsync to copy specific subfolders and files to new directory


    RootFolderI/FolderA/Subfolder1/Subsub1/JPG1.jpg -> want this jpg
    RootFolderI/FolderA/Subfolder2/Subsub1/JPG2.jpg -> want this jpg
    . . .
    RootFolderI/FolderB/Subfolder1/Subsub1/JPG4.jpg -> want this jpg
    RootFolderI/FolderB/Subfolder2/Subsub1/JPG5.jpg -> want this jpg

There are many folders FolderA/B/C/etc, but the structure of folders inside is always the same (except the files, they are different)

I want to copy to `RootFolderII`:

- only all the FolderA/B/etc
- all the files in Subsub1

...Resulting is this new path, RootFolderII:

    RootFolderII/FolderA/ with JPG1.jpg, JPG2.jpg
    RootFolderII/FolderB/ with JPG4.jpg,JPG5.jpg


I've got at the moment the following code (but it's not working):

    rsync -r --include='Folder*/Subfolder1/Subsub1/***' --exclude="/*/*/" /RootFolderI/ /RootFolderII/



to create FolderA/B/... -> working


i want to copy all files (not the structure) ... -> it's not working


well, I think even if it was working, it would copy files from FolderB to FolderA, and I don't want that!
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Old 06-22-2016
try below code
rsync -rv --dry-run  --include='*/*/Subsub1/*' --exclude='*/*/Subsub2/*' ./RootFolderI/ ./RootFolderII/

Remove --dry-run option if you are good with o/p
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