Removing carriage returns from multiple lines in multiple files of different number of columns

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Removing carriage returns from multiple lines in multiple files of different number of columns
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Removing carriage returns from multiple lines in multiple files of different number of columns

Hello Gurus,

I have a multiple pipe separated files which have records going over multiple Lines. End of line separator is \n and records going over multiple lines have <CR> as separator. below is example from one file.

1|ABC DEF|100|10
3| UVWXYZ|300|30
4| GHIJKL|400|40

I am after the output as below


I have tried various options mentioned in the forum but it doesn't seems to be working on records with on multiple lines on mutiple files in a directory

Any help would be appreciated.



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Please, try:
perl -0pe 's/(?:\n|\s+)(\D)/$1/g' example.txt

perl -0pe 's/[\n\s]+(\D)/$1/g' example.txt


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There do not seem to be <CR> characters present in the input file only newlines (\n) ?
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Wouldn't a mere tr -d $'\r' <file help?
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Aia :- How do use the Perl commands on Solaris. do you need to include something in the shell script for the Perl commands to work.

Scrutinizer :-There are <CR> in the file. Its just that I havent added it.

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Could you provide a sample file that Contains CR's ?
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Hi Scrutinizer,

Thanks for your response but honestly even I don't have access to sample files as files are in test environment. If I have to test the commands provided by you all gurus, I will have to run the commands on our test environment.
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